WOW 360 Kids Cups
WOW 360 Kids Cups
WOW 360 Kids Cups

WOW 360 Kids Cups

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10 oz. kids cup - 12 months and up.

Wow Cup for Kids is easy to grip and made from tough BPA & Phthalate Free TRITANTM

Its fully exposed valve system and Gasket-Free assembly provides an easy to access and clean sippy cup system that has no hidden areas to trap debris and get all grimy. And its super easy assembly allows for quick, easy and hassle-free drink preparation and cleaning. 

The advanced patented spoutless system allows your child to just Grab & Drink® anywhere along the 360° rim. And it assists in providing your child with a healthy and natural oral development.

● Easy to drink, clean and assemble. No More Spills!®
● 100% Interchangeable Parts: The baby and kids cups are 100% interchangeable
● Dentist Recommended!                         

● No gaskets and hidden areas to get all grimy  - dishwasher safe
● Tritan™, Polypropylene and Silicone/BPA and Phthalate Free