Our Mothering By Nature Story


My entry into the baby business really began with my first homebirth in 1994. A year later, I was attending classes to become a Certified Birth Attendant, now known as a Certified Doula. After my next baby, I was getting a little bored being away from the birth world, so I had this grand idea of leading up a not-for-profit group called C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Natural Birth & Parenting Network. From 2003 to 2013, we held free monthly community meetings with the purpose to gather birth professionals and parents with topics pertaining to a healthy pregnancy, a better birth experience, and attachement parenting ways with a holistic lifestyle view.
The dream of having local resources, information, classes, products and community all in one place was born in 2009 and was officially named Mothering By Nature!
Our brick & mortar storefront journey began at Nature's Cupboard Health Food store inside a little 10' X 7' room. It was packed full with mostly cloth diapers, baby wearing items, and eco-friendly toys! After a year, we outgrew this space and were drawn to a gorgeous little brick building in downtown Valparaiso. We were so blessed to be in this beautiful little place for 9 years, it was truly just meant to be!
As time went on, things were changing in the world. The demand for the type of products we carried decreased and Amazon was taking over. Covid happened, and due to restrictions with health and safety and the lack of people coming into our storefront, we were forced to close our brick/mortar location. We moved Mothering By Nature to our home and offered products on our website. We attended local events such as the Hunt & Gather event in Crown Point and various other gatherings such as the Popcorn Festival in Valparaiso. Classes, on site appointments, and the option of visiting to weigh your baby will be considered depending on health and safety issues at the time of requesting! 
Mothering By Nature has always had a strong interest in eco-friendly, non-toxic, and organic items. We like to know where our products are coming from, how they are made, and love to support fair wage companies who are making a difference in our world. For those purchasing a baby carrier from us and are local, we will always be here to help with a proper fit and explain all the features. We also offer a lifetime of help with cloth diapers that are purchased from us. These are just a few of the perks of supporting our local small business! 


Everything in the world changes, may our journey continue on! It has been a blessing to have met so many amazing families in our area over the years! When one door closes, another always opens, right? Cheers to our next phase with Mothering By Nature! 

Stay in touch .. much love to you ~ Robin