Newborn Doll 15" Boy

Newborn Doll 15" Boy

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An anatomically correct, full-vinyl baby doll that captures the once in a lifetime experience of bringing home a new baby!

Dressed in cuddly white pajamas, this precious newborn features a delightful expression and striking baby blue eyes that are sure to melt your heart! He is 15" all-vinyl with moveable arms, legs, and head. His body is made completely out of vinyl for easy care. You can keep it good as new for many years because of its durable and easily washable vinyl body. To make the doll brand new again, all it takes is a simple spot wash with warm water and mild soap. The body is unscented and the only moving parts are the jointed shoulders, hips, and neck. These rotating body parts allow you to easily add and remove the doll’s clothing for cleaning and dress-up fun.

  • Dressed in a white sleep pajama with a blue heart, and matching hat!
  • Realistic and life-like features; including soft vinyl skin, finely-detailed baby wrinkles, and cute, colorful, and sparkling eyes.
  • Anatomically correct 
  • Movable arms, legs, and head. Non-scented and spot washable body.
  • Safety tested and approved for children 2+

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