Bamboo/Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers

Bamboo/Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers

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Unbleached Bamboo Prefolds - 6 pack

Ultra soft bamboo cotton blend, made from 50% rayon (made with bamboo) and 50% organic cotton. Thickness layers are 4 x 8 x 4. These prefolds are extremely absorbent and luxuriously soft.

How to use prefold cloth diapers? 

  • fold around the baby and secure with fastener or pins. Traditional size of prefold recommended.
  • fold along the panels for tri-fold cloth diapers then set into a snug fitted diaper cover without additional folding or fasteners. Shorter or Better Fit size recommended. 
  •  trifold and stuff into pocket diapers as cloth diaper inserts.

Washing: Bamboo prefolds can shrink significantly if washed/dried in high temperatures. Avoid Borax, as this tends to make the diapers stiff and not as absorbent.


Traditional Fit (Traditional length) - Size 1 12" X 16" (7-15 lbs) or size 2 14.5" X 22"(15-30 lbs)

Better Fit (shorter length) - Size 1 12.5" X 13.5" (6-14 lbs) or size 2 14.5" X 16" (15-30 lbs)