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The Happy Wrap Carriers
The Happy Wrap Carriers

The Happy Wrap Carriers

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Designed for today’s active parent, the Happy Wrap is stylish, comfortable, and fully adjustable leaving you free to get things done while enjoying the closeness of your baby.


– Lightweight and breathable – ideal for hot weather
– Fully adjustable ensuring a perfect fit every time!
– Ergonomically supports your baby up to 25 lbs
– No buckles or rings that may break
– Allows for discreet nursing
– Upright position helps reduce colic/acid reflux
– Luxuriously soft
– Machine washable

100% Made in the USA

Certified Hip Healthy

  • Our wraps are made with CERTIFIED organic bamboo or tencel with 30% organic cotton blended in. This is important. Wraps made with 100% of anything like modal or bamboo, aren’t as supportive.
  • From the knitting, dyeing and sewing to the booklets and boxes, every part of our product is made in the US.
  • Our wraps include a small carrying bag for storage to protect your wrap. It costs us more to produce and include these with each purchase, but we feel the value is worth it.
  • We are a SMALL company and one of our sewing companies employs stay at home moms. Your purchases not only put a roof over our heads and food on the table, but each sale empowers these women and helps them to provide for their families while being able to see them grow.

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