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Babytime Peaceful Bubbles

Babytime Peaceful Bubbles

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3-in-1 Bubble Bath, Shampoo, Body Wash! 

Soak up some comfort for the skin with this extra gentle, non-irritating and ultra-soothing bath treatment! Peaceful Bubbles is packed with moisturizing extracts that calm and soften skin, while fruit extracts soothe and balance for ultimate skin health and immunity. Sugar-based foaming agents create bubbly fun while adding natural healing skin oils. pH balanced to be safe, quick rinsing, and eye safe. Safe and non-irritating for girls.

  • Ages: for all ages, 0 - 150 years
  • Uses: all-in-one bubble bath + shampoo
  • Benefits: calming, softening, soothing, and pH balancing
  • Safety: doctor recommended, will not irritate sensitive places
  • Smells Like: calming lavender plum
  • Feels Like: ultra rich, relaxing, hydrating, calming Ingredients: organic ginkgo, and fruit extracts